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Legal insight
Human instinct.


By your side relentlessly to deliver you and your business with legal services. We are committed to provide passion and enthusiasm in meeting your legal needs.

As entrepreneurial lawyers, we are aligned with you for excellence, building efficient solutions with comprehensive legal advice.

Art law

Art Law is a specialized and fascinating intersection between the world of visual arts and legal disciplines. This complex field requires a deep understanding of various legal matters, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, contract law and tax law. As the art industry increasingly goes digital and international, the legal questions and challenges are evolving and becoming more multifaceted than ever.

Corporate, business law and M&A

As entrepreneurial lawyers, we are aligned with you for excellence, relentlessly creating value for our clients and investing in relationships. By your side, PBM provides you with pragmatic business-focused legal advice on all aspects of your day-to-day business, especially drafting and review of contracts, company secretarial, corporate governance, as well as to support your growth or exit.

Employment law

Our team is dedicated to build efficient solutions with comprehensive legal advice for both employees and employers. At PBM, we offer the full range of all employment law matters, especially employment litigation, drafting and review of employment contracts, tax related issues, immigration, termination agreement and internal policies.

Estate Law

At PBM, we specialize in the planning of private estates. We assist our clients designing and tailoring unique plans to ensure that our client’s estate is distributed according to their will while considering multiple challenges, cross-border legislation, tax implications and family governance.

Family Law

We are human beings delivering legal services to other human beings. At PBM, we place our private clients at the center of all our attention, providing them a full range of services on all aspects of family law, especially prenuptial and marital agreements, divorce and child custody proceedings.

Regulatory, compliance and finance

We bring at PBM a business and legal approach to financial entities and FinTech companies at all stages of growth, from early-stage start-ups to established financial institutions. We are committed to advise you from the implementation of SWIFT payments to the implementation of your internal policies, and everything in-between.


Our team assists officers, directors and shareholders to implement pragmatic mesures in the event of a posible insolvency. Our practice includes all matters related to debt enforcement, brankrupcy as well as restructuring and reorganisation mesures, especially in presence of nonperforming loans and loans restructuring.


At PBM, we bring a human approach to serious contentious issues arising in a wide range of civil, administrative and criminal contexts whenever the disputes have a forum in Switzerland or if the Swiss law applies.

Social security law

PBM's legal advice focuses on providing quality expertise in occupational pensions, old age and survivors' insurance and social security as a whole, whether you are an individual, a company or an insurer.

Real estate & construction

PBM provides passion and expertise in real estate law, especially advising claimants and respondents in contentious issues as well as handling the entire property like-cycle, from the initial acquisition to the final exit.

Road traffic law

At PBM we assist victims and authors of road traffic offences as well as insurers for all types of traffic violations from a civil, penal and administrative point of view.

Sports Law

We bring together at PBM a human approach to legal services along with a deep experience and passion for sport. We provide cross expertise across all areas of corporate and M&A, financing, media, crisis management, IP, employment, and tax matters.


We bring deep legal insight to deliver unparalleled experience in advising on local and cross-border routine or complex tax matters. PBM keeps your tax strategies under close review, whether you are a private client, an operative business or a financial institution.

Tort law

We are committed to representing the interests of mainly insurance companies in their civil liability litigation.

White collar crime

At PBM, the white-collar practice assists both private clients in their capacity as corporate executives, senior officers, directors or shareholders as well as companies and financial entities. We deliver experienced legal services in all phases of white-collar litigation as well as comprehensive legal advice to mitigate criminal risks.



We have implemented a unique solution that combines legal insight and IT engineering in order to provide our clients a one-stop shop solution to audit, enforce, comply and track their online reputation.

We are committed to tackle all forms of internet publications, ranging from adverse media to malicious blogs and social media publications.

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Legal outsourcing

At PBM, we deliver a comprehensive service, on time and within your budget. Whether it is for total, partial or occasional outsourcing, we stand by your side relentlessly to deliver you and your business with the more suitable and custom-made legal services.

More than lawyers, we integrate with your processes to deliver a true end-to-end service. We help you manage your project, built efficient solutions and anticipate legal issues.