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Sports Law

Sports Law

Sports law is a unique field that combines passion, performance, and complex legal aspects. This area requires specialized expertise that takes into account the specificities of the sports industry. 

PBM Attorney-at-law, with its significant experience and deep understanding of the challenges of modern sports, primarily in motor sports, football, ice hockey, and tennis, is perfectly equipped to support athletes, institutions, and associated stakeholders in all legal aspects related to sports. 

Our Expertise in Sports Law

In the dynamic and competitive sector of sports, we offer a comprehensive range of legal services covering the following key areas:

  1. Negotiation: Representation of athletes, clubs, and sports organizations in contractual negotiations and disputes, ensuring favorable outcomes for our clients.
  2. Intellectual Property: Advisory on the creation, acquisition, and protection of certain sports-related intellectual property rights, mainly image rights and licensing agreements.
  3. Regulation and Governance: Providing advice on regulatory and governance matters, ensuring compliance with national and international sports regulations, and offering strategic counsel on organizational structure and decision-making processes. 
  4. Litigation: Representing clients in disciplinary proceedings, before national and international sports governing bodies, arbitration panels, and courts.
  5. Taxation: Assistance with all tax matters, including tax planning, structuring, and compliance for athletes, clubs, and sports organizations, as well as advice on cross-border tax implications and navigating complex international tax regulations.
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