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Civil liability

Civil liability

The law of civil liability is a crucial legal field that deals with obligations and rights stemming from damages caused to others, whether intentional or not. In an increasingly interconnected and complex world, there are numerous situations that can lead to civil liability. 

PBM Attorney-at-law, with its deep expertise and cutting-edge knowledge of the Swiss legal framework, is determined to defend the rights of its clients and guide them through the complexities of civil liability.

Our Expertise in Civil Liability Law 

Given the diverse implications of civil liability law, we offer a comprehensive range of legal services covering the following key areas:

  1. Claims for Damages: We represent victims of damages, whether they are bodily, material, or moral injuries, ensuring fair compensation is obtained.
  2. Defense Against Claims: For those facing claims, we offer a robust defense, seeking to minimize liability and associated costs.
  3. Professional Liability: Whether for doctors, architects, lawyers, or other professionals, we provide advice and representation in matters of professional liability.
  4. Traffic Accidents: We assist victims of road accidents in obtaining compensation and also represent the defending parties in such situations.
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