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Insolvency and debt enforcement law

Insolvency and debt enforcement law are crucial legal areas dealing with difficult financial situations, whether it is struggling businesses or individuals facing debts or, conversely, the need to recover claims from third parties.

It is essential to have strong legal expertise to navigate through legal complexities and find viable and pragmatic solutions. Our attorneys-at-law, with their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the Swiss legal framework, are committed to supporting the firm's clients with rigor and efficiency through the challenges related to insolvency and proceedings. 

Our expertise in insolvency and debt enforcement law 

When it comes to financial stakes and legal implications, we offer a comprehensive range of legal services covering the following key areas:

  1. Insolvency Procedures: We guide our clients through the various stages of insolvency procedures, whether bankruptcy, liquidation, or reorganization.
  2. Debt Advice: We assist individuals and businesses in assessing their financial situation, developing repayment strategies, and negotiating with creditors.
  3. Debt Enforcement Law: We represent our clients in debt collection procedures, ensuring their rights are protected and seeking equitable solutions for all parties involved.
  4. Corporate Restructuring: For struggling businesses, we offer strategic advice for restructuring, seeking to preserve the value of the business and protect the interests of stakeholders. The firm's fiduciary and accounting company, HelveFid SA, can also be involved in this process by providing its accounting expertise.
  5. Litigation Related to Insolvency: In case of disputes arising from insolvency situations, our experienced lawyers offer strong representation in Swiss courts.
  6. Asset Protection: We advise our clients on the best strategies to protect their assets against creditors while complying with current regulations. 
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