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Family Law

Family Law

Family law is a legal field that touches the heart of society, encompassing family relationships, parental responsibilities, marriage, divorce, and other private sphere issues. In such personal and often emotional moments, having competent and empathetic legal counsel is essential.

PBM Attorneys-at-law, with its deep understanding of Swiss family law nuances and expertise in related areas such as tax law and real estate law, is dedicated to guiding its clients with professionalism and sensitivity through family challenges and transitions.

Our Expertise in Family Law

Aware of the importance of family matters and their impact on individuals' lives, we offer a comprehensive range of legal services covering the following key areas:

  1. Marriage: We advise clients on the legal and tax implications of marriage, including drafting marriage contracts and prenuptial agreements.
  2. Divorce and Separation: From mediation to court representation, we assist clients through the divorce or separation process, ensuring protection of their rights and interests.
  3. Child Custody and Visitation Rights: We help clients in establishing custody arrangements that best serve the child's interests, while respecting parental rights.
  4. Child Support: We ensure financial obligations are fairly distributed, whether for child support or ex-spouse support.
  5. Adoption and Parentage: We guide families through the adoption process, ensuring all legal procedures are correctly followed.
  6. Litigation: We intervene in civil, administrative, and criminal courts in cases of family law disputes.
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