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Real estate & construction

Real estate & construction

The real estate and construction sector is a major pillar of the economy. Navigating this field requires sharp legal expertise, given the complexity of transactions, regulations, and financial stakes. 

PBM Attorneys-at-law, with its extensive experience and deep knowledge of the Swiss real estate market, is your ally for all your projects and challenges in this sector. 

Our Expertise in Real Estate and Construction 

Deeply knowing the specificities of the real estate and construction market, we offer a comprehensive range of legal services covering the following key areas:

  1. Real Estate Transactions: Whether it is purchases, sales, or leases, we support our clients at every step, ensuring that transactions are completed safely and in compliance.
  2. Construction Law: From contract negotiation to dispute management, we advise project owners, developers, architects, and general and total contractors on all legal aspects of construction.
  3. Planning and Permits: We assist our clients in navigating the labyrinth of planning regulations and in obtaining the necessary permits for their projects.
  4. Real Estate Litigation: In case of disputes, whether civil, administrative or criminal, including rental litigation, construction defects, or neighborhood conflicts, we offer robust representation to defend our clients' interests.
  5. Real Estate Financing: We advise investors, developers, and financial institutions on the best financing structures for their real estate projects.
  6. Condominium Law: We guide property owners and condominium associations through the legal complexities of condominium ownership, ensuring that their rights are protected and respected.
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