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Merger between PBM Attorneys-at-law and CGR Attorneys-at-law

PBM Attorneys-at-law's partners Hassan Barbir, Dalmat Pira and Rodrigue Sperisen are extremely pleased and proud to announce the merger as of January 1st 2022 with CGR Attorneys-at-law and to welcome Christian Grosjean and Ludovic Jordan as partners and Estelle Goy as associate.

Christian Grosjean, Ludovic Jordan and Estelle Goy bring with them their expertise in the field of real estate and construction law (both litigation and advice), tort law and pension and social security law and sports law.


About CGR Attorneys-at-law

CGR Attorneys-at-law is Geneva-based law firm composed of lawyers with a long experience in the area of construction & real estate law as well as tort law, pension and social security law and sports law.

CGR Attorneys-at-law was the result of a spin-off of Budin & Associés in 2018.


About Christian Grosjean

Christian Grosjean is an attorney-at-law since 1978. He mainly  advises and represents corporations and individuals in the fields of real estate and construction law, tort law and pension and social security law and sports law.

After working as a research assistant at the University of Berkley, California (1981-1982), and then at the University of Geneva with Professor Alain Hirsch (1982-1984), Christian Grosjean also enriched his training at the International Association for the Study of Economics and Insurance (1982-1985).

He began his career as an associate with the law firm AUDEOUD & GAUTIER (1978-1984). In 1985, Christian Grosjean became head of the firm and then founded the law firm Mégevand, Grosjean & Revaz. He joined Budin & Associés in 2002 as a partner and became managing partner. In 2019, he founded CGR Attorneys-at-law to pursue his activity.

Christian Grosjean holds the title of specialist FSA (Fédération Suisse des Avocats) in civil liability and insurance law.

He is also the author of various publications on construction law, insurance law and European law.


About Ludovic Jordan

Prior to joining PBM, Ludovic Jordan was a senior attorney-at-law at CGR Attorneys-at-law.

Ludovic Jordan is active in the fields of construction law, in which he has 10 years of experience. He advises and represents both individuals and corporations in transactions and proceedings.

His areas of activity cover all the steps from construction law. He assists his clients in the fields of contractual litigation, civil and criminal liability for construction site accidents, building authorizations issuance, government procurement, legal mortgages registration, construction contracts review, debts recovery and negotiations.

Ludovic Jordan is also active in criminal law, with the benefit of the experience acquired as a former lawyer within the Criminal Court of appeal of Geneva. He represents corporations and individuals in criminal proceedings, both accused and plaintiff.

He also has a major experience in immigration law, in which he assists employers and employees in residence permits issuance.


About Estelle Goy

Prior to joining PBM, Estelle Goy was an associate at CGR Attorneys-at-law.

She has a specific expertise in the field of real estate & construction and tort law and mainly represents private individuals and corporations before Swiss courts.